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Game News
Yes, TheCult now has it's own webpage!  Please apply for membership so that you can contribute, find information, and be an integral part to the whole.  As we begin building this site, we'll attempt to create links for information regarding building, group clusters, troop information, city layouts and anything else that we can find useful.
Let's make this work to our advantage!
Please, if possible, create your account by using your LoU name

Please, if possible, use your Ultima name to create your membership access...
Guild News

Palace News!!

MithrilLoU, Apr 18, 11 9:55 PM.
We need each of you to work w/ your continent commanders to begin prepping for the palaces. Here's what we need to do. Each commander needs to see who they have on their continent, determine their level of activity and determine who is the best candidate to build a city that will become a palace.
Once that's determined, each member on that continent will build one city (to start) to set up defenses for the palace. Each palace (never built on water!) will need the following cities built and 100% of the defensive troops created there to be based in the palace on a permanent basis.
Defenses required:
3x Ranger city
3x Guardian city
4x Templar City
3x Ballista City

The palace itself will require a minimum of 40k scouts built in the city. Plus, until someone can convince me otherwise, each palace should have a minimum of 800k city guards built there.
If this is done, and the troops are researched up, this should give each palace a troop base of 225k rangers, 225k guardians, 225k Templars, 22.5k ballistaes, 50k scouts, and 800k city guards. If this is built correctly, and there's no reason to not add additional defensive troops, we should have a pretty solid base to upgrade the palaces from.
Keep in mind that this will not include your personal defenses and troops for maintaining your own castles. Also, keep in mind that the amount of resources required for the palaces borders insane quantities.
I've also brokered a long-term agreement with TheLegion that we will aid each other in the defense of each other's palaces, and that the race between us will be for builds, without destroying each other. That should also bolster our defenses.
If there are any questions, please ask myself, Kaye, or Shadowstarr. It's still very early in the game, but we need to start our planning now for the end game, not wait until it's upon us...

Happy Hunting..

ps. Everyone must contribute cities towards these palaces. I know many of you wish to go full attack..and I want to encourage that, but remember, done right, we can win this game without attacking a single player if we build right....All members MUST build defensive support cities!

lordmaster22, Apr 15, 11 8:46 PM.
just stop by to say good morning how are you all today god bless

Shiamona, Apr 13, 11 2:11 AM.
This is really neat, we have a webpage...Thanks Mith! And it has spell check!! How really awesome!!!

Gallery pictures..

MithrilLoU, Apr 12, 11 6:27 PM.
make sure any picture of you that you post says who you least until we all know...

All Cult members

MithrilLoU, Apr 12, 11 12:46 PM.
If you click on the Library link, it has been started with two different areas, one for all information pertaining to World 14, the other for World 25.
Please use these two as needed.
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